Robbin’ Robin

RobbinRobin copy

Here’s a sketch from my notebook. I was looking out at our bird feeder and began to imagine an outlaw robin … they’re so shy, no one would suspect him!

Book Page Background

Page BackgroundI’ve enjoyed creating this background. At first I was going to leave each strip the same (with the focus on the characters, who aren’t included here) but then I thought by cycling through the seasons I could have a better atmosphere.

Book Test Page

Page 10

I’ve been writing and illustrating a book, and this is a test page from it. I’m pretty set on the colours I want to use, but I’m still trying to figure out how detailed I want to go. I quite like how this has turned out, but I think I need to clarify some areas more and I definitely need to work on the poses of the characters.

Museum Doodles

I was at the museum yesterday afternoon to do some sketching. It was much easier to draw the stuffed animals than the people who were wandering around …Tiger copy Peacocks copy Deer copy 1 copy

Alan copy


At the same party a friend kindly sat still long enough for me to draw him. Drawing quickly from real life is great, but I like the more “finished” drawings I can get when I have longer to work on them!

Thinking Boy



I sketched this boy at a party I was at this weekend. I loved the way he was sitting on the chair.

Watercolour Portrait



I actually painted this a while ago at a life drawing session. I need to keep practising with watercolours; it’s difficult!

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