Kinsey’s Sword

Kinsey, a young queen, must battle her fears to regain her sword – and her purpose

A young queen falls ill at the beginning of her reign. Initially unable to leave her bedroom, she fights against fear and hopelessness in her dreams. But as Kinsey grows strong she remains in the dream world, avoiding the kingdom she left behind …

About the project

Written and directed by Amanda Aiken, Kinsey’s Sword is an animated short based on an illustrated story by the director.

Phil Todd of Fellowship Film, the producer and director of Jessie and the Elf Boy, is producing.

The aim is to create a short film of around 12 minutes in length. In order to reach that goal, we are first producing a teaser trailer to both test the animation process for and raise awareness of Kinsey’s Sword.

We’ll be sharing work made by character designer Freya Allan and composer Rupert Cole, and others, as we go!

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