I have been snowed under with a job, Christmas, and a new niece (all very exciting but quite hard work) and that’s meant my life drawing from last year has been put aside until now.

First up are drawings of model Gina, from back in November!





Some life drawing sketches of Sarah with her cello. I struggled a bit with the conte pastel, so I abandoned it for the pencil. The cello was difficult to draw!

I’ve got one more week to catch up on which I’ll post tomorrow.

Some very late sketches, modelled by Susan.

I have two more weeks of drawing to post which I’ll upload over the next two days.

The second day back at life drawing I felt more relaxed. Maxime modelled, holding some lovely and difficult poses.

I’m still behind with uploading drawings from the 16th, but I’ll try to post those next weekend.

Last week I went to a show of students’ work where Katrina Ellis, a weaver and life model, modelled with some of her fabric. It was fun, and challenging, to draw.

Some sketches from Tuesday. The models were great – lots of lovely poses!07






Shockingly, I haven’t been to life drawing since November! I felt a bit rusty, but it was a good session.

Sketches from yesterday’s class. I had a lot of fun drawing the short poses. ATYN has recently added another model in Edinburgh, meaning there are short poses before and after the break.19 22 20 21 23 24 25 27 28 29

07 On Tuesday I made it back to the life drawing class. I’m pleased with some of the drawings I did, especially the one above, as I feel I loosened up a lot and let the lines flow. 01 02 03 05 06 08

I was very rusty as I began to draw last night. It took me a while to loosen up. I’ve barely sketched this week – what a difference it makes!

02C 04 03 05 06 07 copy 08 I finished the newsprint pad I’ve been using so began a new sketchbook with lovely smooth paper. The pencil drawings came out really well on it. 09 10

At All The Young Nudes this week two musicians modelled. Though there were the usual long and short poses, they also played a few songs. This was great not only to listen to but to draw! It was difficult, but I’d like to do more drawing like it.

The two drawings below are using conte crayons. They were new and felt scratchier than my old ones, so I switched to pencil. 11 12

I used pencil for all the very quick drawings.15 16 17 18 Brush ink pen.19 20 Back to pencil for the last few poses.14 13

Life Drawing

These are a few sketches from the life drawing club I went to yesterday and the fortnight before. It’s nice as they have some excellent models and shorter pose times, as well as a very relaxed atmosphere. The club is called All The Young Nudes.

The pencil sketches are from a fortnight ago, and the pastel ones are from yesterday.01 02 03 04 05 06


This is one of five full-body poses on my Portfolio – Life Drawing page, which you can find here: [EDIT – I’ve since updated my portfolio page, so there is no longer a specific page for Life Drawing.]


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