Heads and Tails

I did these sketches last month but only got the chance to colour them today. Most of them are very quick gesture drawings, around 30 seconds. The portrait was drawn in about 5 minutes. I think the fish came out particularly well!
Koala Woman Turtle Faces Fishy

New Profile

Me2_02 copy copy

When I drew my previous profile picture back in February (!) I thought I’d try drawing a new one each month. Let’s see if I can get the next one done by December …

Life Drawing, 24th

I’ve been working on a large freelance project which means I haven’t had much to put on the blog! After missing last week, I managed to make it along to the life drawing class again.



I decided I needed a new profile picture and thought I’d draw one! This is referenced from a photograph my sister took.

Alan copy


At the same party a friend kindly sat still long enough for me to draw him. Drawing quickly from real life is great, but I like the more “finished” drawings I can get when I have longer to work on them!

Watercolour Portrait



I actually painted this a while ago at a life drawing session. I need to keep practising with watercolours; it’s difficult!


I have added a Portfolio – Life Drawing page, which you can find here: [EDIT – I’ve since updated my portfolio page, so there is no longer a specific page for Life Drawing.]


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