A Visit to Edinburgh Zoo

Way back in August, after finishing on Klaus (I’m hoping to post more about my work on that soon), I took a day to visit Edinburgh Zoo. Thankfully the weather was pretty good and I was able to see, and draw, a lot of animals.

Pelicans – slightly pinker than they were in real life!
The penguins – always a treat to watch.
I definitely focused on birds, but I drew a huge variety of animals. I liked the Lowland Nyalas and Koalas a lot. Sadly the only big cat I saw was this very sleepy Sumatran Tiger …
Rainbow Lorikeets – Edinburgh Zoo has an aviary room of them. It was wonderful!
Chilean Flamingoes – my final visit of the day.

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Edinburgh Zoo

  1. What gorgeous sketches! I always love seeing the birds, too. We’re planning on visiting the Edinburgh Zoo next month for the first time actually. Is there anything you recommend we must see whilst we’re there? 🙂



    1. Thank you!

      On the day I sketched I went for a wander approach, but if I’d checked the map in advance I would have tried to visit more of the walkthrough areas (some were closed by the time I went past). My sketches of the White Faced Saki Monkey are from within the enclosure – no glass! Likewise, the Rainbow Lorikeets are in a walk-through aviary where you can feed them. The penguins are a must, as are the koalas. (This is the only zoo in the UK to have Queensland koalas.) The Budongo Trail is good, though can be crowded. I also enjoy the walkway above the zebras, which now has a view over the new Panda enclosure. I’ve seen the Giant Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo before, but they can be shy and I didn’t see them this visit. It might be worth timing your visit there with when they feed them.

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